More San Diego Adventures!

We had a great day today in San Diego!  A huge and heartfelt thank you to all my customers and demonstrators on my team for helping me earn this fun getaway!  I started the day with a jog by the ocean – I'm sure my little mile and a half jog totally negated that pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream that Joe and I polished off before bed last night! I jogged by the Star Of India – one of the ships at the Maritime Museum.

Star of India

Next my 12 year old Joe and I headed to Balboa Park for some exploration.  We opted not to go to the San Diego zoo, and instead caught a puppet show, explored the Japanese garden, ate some yummy Japanese food, and then spent a long time at the Science Center.  Joe especially loved the Science Center, he said it was the best Science Museum he has ever been to – almost everything was hands on experiments!

IJapanese Friendship Garden Koi Pond


After a rest back at the hotel, we were ready for more adventures!  We took the ferry to Coronado Island – first stop was the yummy Coronodo Cupcakery!  Joe had Birthday Cake flavor, I had Chai flavor! 

Coronado Cupcakery

Then we goofed around at the beach and watched the sunset.

Sandcastles at Sunset

We caught the ferry back, had a yummy supper and are now ready to call it a night!  Can't wait for our big day tomorrow – we have an early start planned in the morning so I'm calling it a night!  Sweet dreams all!



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