Make Your Own Stamps with the Undefined Kit!

For Christmas my niece Amelia, who is a junior at the University of Iowa, asked for "Undefined" the stamp carving kit.  Of course, I had to get her that!  She was so excited that she carved multiple stamps right away that same day!  Here are some of her creations:

Undefined with Amelia Seidl03-imp


Undefined with Amelia Seidl10-imp

Here is a tip from Amelia on carving your name, do it as a mirror image or it will stamp backwards!

Undefined with Amelia Seidl09-imp


You can carve any image you want – your cat, dog, or a moon:

Undefined with Amelia Seidl05-imp

Undefined with Amelia Seidl07-imp

Undefined with Amelia Seidl06-imp


Monograms are always fun! I like her carved design inside the letter:

Undefined with Amelia Seidl04-imp

Undefined with Amelia Seidl08-imp

Another tip from Amelia – make sure you stamp the image on the back of the wood block before you mount the stamp! (Or if you forget, just do it on paper and glue it on the block).

Undefined with Amelia Seidl11-imp

Here is Amelia having a carving good time:

Undefined with Amelia Seidl01-imp

Great job Amelia!

Undefined with Amelia Seidl02-imp

Here is a fun little video from Stampin' Up! about the kit!

Ready to give it a try?!  Click here to go to the store to pick up your kit! I would also suggest that you pick up the refill kit at the same time so you won't be scared to dig in and start carving!   For inspiration on image ideas go to Pinterest and search for Stampin' Up! Undefined – LOADS of ideas!!

Happy creating!



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