With Loving Memory of My Cousin, Doug Faber

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Sympathy cards.  I wish we never needed them.  However, that just isn't how the world works, is it?  I do find that when I make a hand stamped sympathy card, it does bring me comfort.  I'm not sure why that is though.  Possibly I'm thinking of bringing a tiny bit of comfort to my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins by showing my love for them and sharing in their pain of losing their son and brother to cancer.  When I make the card myself, it is like I am honoring that persons memory, and giving a little bit of my self to the recipient.  It is hard to put into words, but I guess "comfort and honor" are the closest feelings.

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  I was so thankful that the weather cooperated and I was able to make the drive down to Southern Iowa to be here for my cousin's funeral services yesterday.  It was really wonderful to spend some time with my cousins at the visitation last evening and this morning we went to my aunt and uncle's house with this card and a basket of warm drink mixes (hot chocolate, chai tea, coffee, herbal tea, snacks, and disposable cups).  Hopefully it will keep them warm and help them to entertain all of the family and friends that are dropping by.

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I chose this card to honor my cousin for several reasons.  The Hardwood background stamp reminds me of how strong my cousin was.  He was salt of the earth.  The silver speckles remind of Doug too.  Not only his freckles, put the silver lining that he has been to me and my family.  When my father passed away 3 1/2 years ago Doug was the first one to arrive.  In the ensuing years he was a huge help to my family in keeping our family Christmas Tree Farm going.  He had to explain to 4 women how to operate tractors, mowers, and other various farm equipment.  He changed out batteries and brought tractors back to life.  The tree image reminds me of Doug's love for the outdoors.  He loved farming, he loved working with his hands, and most of all he loved the family hayrides with all of his children, nieces, and nephews.  Goodbye Doug, I hope you can feel our gratitude for what you did for us, and I'm glad to know that you are out of pain and are in a better place.  Perhaps you are filling in my Dad on all of the knuckle-headed things that his daughters have been doing in his absence.  We will miss you and we are here to comfort your family as they mourn your passing.

Your loving cousin, Susan



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