Elf On The Shelf Gets Stamping With Demonstrator Barbie!


Elf on the shelf stamping with demonstrator Barbie3-imp

We have been having a lot of fun with the Elf On The Shelf this year!  Every morning, my 12 year old son has to track down the new location of the elf – which helps get him moving in the morning so he doesn't miss the bus.  Today Aaron, our elf, was discovered learning a fun stamping project from Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Barbie!

Elf on the shelf stamping with demonstrator Barbie1-imp

It looks like the elf is working ahead for Valnetine's Day – or perhaps he is just crushing on Demonstrator Barbie!  Whatever the theme, the Lovely Little Labels stamp set and Rose Red ink are being put to good use!

Elf on the shelf stamping with demonstrator Barbie2-imp

This Barbie is from the Stampin' Up! Convention a few years back.  One of my Stampfield Stars demonstrators, Rachel Tessman, had the Barbie sized aprons made for us as a gift, and we were each to bring a Barbie that resembled us.  Well, I certainly have never demonstrated in a short black dress and pumps, but I did attempt to have her hais somewhat like mine and I made her some glasses by bending some wire.  We had a lot of fun with the Barbies at convention but then, we always have fun at convention!  It's so nice to forget about daily worries and get silly and crazy and concentrate on our passion for papercrafting a few days!  Anyway, with a 12 year old boy, most of our Elf On The Shelf adventures have envolved pranks, dinosaurs, and Star Wars Legos, like these:

Elf On The Shelf Adventures3-imp

Elf On The Shelf Adventures2-imp

Elf On The Shelf Adventures8-imp


(The elf goes for an edjucational message with help from Gandalf)

Elf On The Shelf Adventures6-imp

Elf On The Shelf Adventures5-imp

(Sorry this "Riding the Whippet" photo is so blurry – I couldn't get her to stop moving because there were treats involved!)

Elf On The Shelf Adventures1-imp

So it was very fun that today's elf adventure was something that I am so passionate about!!  At this hectic time of year – to something crazy and silly with your loved ones – you will be glad you did!



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